Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celtic Border Designs

Celtic border designs often feature this type of vine image. This is a simple design you can use for a diverse range of materials and it will never look out of place because its simple design is so universal.

This celtic border is small and fills up only one spot on the page. But you can replicate this border image and change its angle in order to place it on other sides of the page. This one may not be as widely useable as the border design up above, but it is a striking image that will definitely have an impact when used appropriately.

Small classic celtic border design image

You can find an interesting way to design your own Celtic border designs from interlocking pieces at this site.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corner Border Designs

This fancy vine-style corner border design is one of my favorites of this type. Flower, leaf, or vine borders tend to look classically beautiful and formal. Great for wedding invitations and the like.

Fancy vine corner border design image

Tribal-style corner border designs like this one are a little more intense and less "pretty" or frilly, but are great for most serious type imagery.

Tribal corner border designs

This holly corner border is reminiscent of Christmas time, but is not necessary limited to that season! It has a classy and upscale look that is good for various kinds of stationary.

Christmas holly corner border designs

This flowery corner border design is another one that adds a touch of dignified class to your printed materials.

Vine corner border design

This purple corner border is different from the rest because of its striking and vivid color. Sometimes it`s appropriate to go beyond a simple black and white border image and spice things up a little bit.

Purple corner border design

Thanks for checking out these corner border designs. Hopefully they`re what you were looking for! Be sure to check out our other categories if you didn`t find what you wanted.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Printable Paw Borders

I love animals, especially cute domestic animals like dogs and cats and rabbits. So today I decided to bring you a sample selection of free printable paw borders. Of course I always get annoyed when my dog runs into the house with muddy feet and leaves his paw prints all over the floor. But later I'm able to laugh about it because it is cute.

Free printable paw borders from dogs
Animal pet free printable paw border graphics
Cute paw border printouts! Dogs are the best.

I hope you liked the printable paw borders up above. Be sure to check back for more interesting and fun page border designs.

Web Page Border Designs

Today I'm bringing you another sampling of web page border designs. These are kind of miscellaneous in category, but all are generally good for personal web page borders.

The first border is one I used to use on a personal homepage a while ago, so I have a personal affinity for this one.

Flower Web Page Border  Designs

The next one has an African flavor, namely Namibian. A lot of beautiful designs can be found at

Namibian web page border design

The last one here was taken from There are a lot of great designs over there, so if you find this one interesting check out their site.

Interesting web page border

I hope you found today's little sampling of web page borders useful. Take care and see you again next time.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Printable Christian Borders

If you are a Christian believer then you may be searching for border images that reflect your faith in God and Jesus Christ. Here are a couple of Christian borders that you may find interesting. One shows the cross, the timeless traditional symbol of Christianity, and the other of the Jesus fish. It too is an ancient symbol of faith, but has been revived in recent times and kind of has a cool alternative style to it. I love seeing the Jesus fish on car bumpers! It makes everyone else curious.

These Christian borders were found on Gospel Gif. Please check them out for more free printable Christian borders.

I hope these Christian faith border images were useful. Be sure to check back for more great borders again soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rose Page Borders

There is no greater symbol of love than a rose, so today's borders (rose page borders) will give you a reminder of that nice feeling whenever you glance at them. Roses are a very common design or image on stationary, as well as home decorations and patterns, etc. I think it's because people like to experience of that feeling of love that a rose inspires in them, throughout their regular day.

Here are some rose page borders.

This first one was found on

Rose page borders

These others were found on free geocities sites.

More rose page borders
Rose stationary borders

I ope the above rose page borders were useful. If you find any more good free ones, let me know and I'll post them up here. Thanks!

Free Printable Baby Borders For Stationery

Here's a handful of lovely free baby page borders for you to download and print. These are great for new mothers who can't stop thinking about their newborn and want to celebrate their baby at every possible moment - even just writing a memo. These borders don't necessarily feature images of babies, but images that babies love, like animals and toys.

This nice printable baby border appears courtesy of

Free Printable Baby Borders for stationery

These next free baby borders for stationery appear courtesy of

Pink baby buggy printable staionary border
IT'S A GIRL free printable baby borders for stationary
IT'S A BOY free baby page border that's printable
Blue baby stationary border
Baby boots printable border design
Cute printable baby border
Free baby page borders of cute little yellow ducks
Free printable baby borders for stationery, like this cute basket in the clouds

I hope you found some free baby page borders that you liked! If not, then visit the sites above because they have lots more great ones to choose from. See you again on your next visit!