Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Patriotic Borders

The USA is the greatest nation on Earth, and even though times are tough, the American people are tough, creative, and resilient. Our patriotism and love for our fellow American will always see us through our turbulent times.

These free patriotic borders of USA flags and the stars and stripes offer you a way to express your patriotism in a small way, by bringing a touch of America to your webpage or printed stationary.

The first of these patriotic page borders shows an American flag with a blue background strip.
Patriotic borders with USA flag and blue background

If you are looking for cute 4th of July backgrounds, borders, etc. this USA Bear border may be just what you need. Get the kids involved in independence day celebrations.

USA Bear patriotic border with Uncle Sam type bear

This patriotic page border shows another US flag, but this time a photo image and not a graphic.
Patriotic border with blue background strip and American flag

The last American printable border shows a map of the USA superimposed on the stars and stripes of the American flag.
Patriotic page borders with American flags.

I hope you found these free patriotic borders and American images useful. Show your love for your country and your pride in being an American.

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