Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heart Borders Backgrounds

Over the past few days many people have emailed me asking for heart borders, backgrounds, and other romantic type formats for their webpages. Maybe Spring romance is in the air, because Valentine's Day was mor than 2 months ago!!

Here are a number of heart borders from For more great borders make sure to visit that site.

My favorite is the border second from the bottom, with the marble grey background design, along with the blue sidebar which is absent in the shape of a heart. That one has a certain 3D quality to it that creates depth in the webpage and attracts the eye of the viewer. So I use that image as background on 2 of my websites.

White and red heart borders backgrounds
Blue and pink heart borders backgrounds

White, light pink, and dark pink hear border pics

Multicolored free Valentines borders backgrounds

Heart background with various shades of pink

Grey marble with pink heart border background

Grey with blue border heart background

Bright red background with blue idebar and heart border

I hope you found the above heart borders and backgrounds useful. They're great for adding a touch of love to your site, whether it's a romance or Valentine-related site or not.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fancy Page Border

If you're looking for a cool fancy page border, then have a look down below. This is a nice selection of borders to help spice up your webpage and catch the eye of your visitors. I personally have a number of websites and these fancy backgrounds have been pretty popular amongst my visitors.

I personally prefer the black backgrounds that blend into a neon sidebar, though I know that not everybody likes to use black backgrounds. Most people prefer lighter color backgrounds with a dark border because they like to use dark text. Maybe that's a more formal style. But no matter what style you prefer, I hope you find something cool here.

I provide these borders to you courtesy of Visit Freefever for tons of great free clipart, borders, backgrounds, and other useful stuff.

Grey fancy border image
Grey and peach color fancy page border
Black and neon blue color page border
Black and burgundy fancy border image for webpages
White and grey fancy page border background
Yellow background with rainbow sidebar fancy border
Grey with purple marble sidebar border background.
I hope you found the above fancy page border downloads useful and attractive. Enjoy maintaining your webpage and making it beautiful.

Free Graphic Border Frames

Thanks for checking out these free graphic border frames. These make great backgrounds for web-based articles, or other internet content that requires a nice professional look. That's why I chose borders with white in the center, so that text of all colors will show up easily.

These borders appear courtesy of

To see the full size border background image, click on the thumbnail below. Then to download, rightclick on the image and select "save".

Free graphic border frames

Graphics border background images
Graphic border frame images
Frame graphics with border background
Nice color borders
Background borders
Border frame graphics
border image graphic
Free graphic border frame pics

Thanks again for having a look. I hope you found a border you like. If not, there are lots more at