Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Printable Baby Borders For Stationery

Here's a handful of lovely free baby page borders for you to download and print. These are great for new mothers who can't stop thinking about their newborn and want to celebrate their baby at every possible moment - even just writing a memo. These borders don't necessarily feature images of babies, but images that babies love, like animals and toys.

This nice printable baby border appears courtesy of ecatdesigns.com.

Free Printable Baby Borders for stationery

These next free baby borders for stationery appear courtesy of Hellasmedia.com.

Pink baby buggy printable staionary border
IT'S A GIRL free printable baby borders for stationary
IT'S A BOY free baby page border that's printable
Blue baby stationary border
Baby boots printable border design
Cute printable baby border
Free baby page borders of cute little yellow ducks
Free printable baby borders for stationery, like this cute basket in the clouds

I hope you found some free baby page borders that you liked! If not, then visit the sites above because they have lots more great ones to choose from. See you again on your next visit!

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