Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Printable Paw Borders

I love animals, especially cute domestic animals like dogs and cats and rabbits. So today I decided to bring you a sample selection of free printable paw borders. Of course I always get annoyed when my dog runs into the house with muddy feet and leaves his paw prints all over the floor. But later I'm able to laugh about it because it is cute.

Free printable paw borders from dogs
Animal pet free printable paw border graphics
Cute paw border printouts! Dogs are the best.

I hope you liked the printable paw borders up above. Be sure to check back for more interesting and fun page border designs.

Web Page Border Designs

Today I'm bringing you another sampling of web page border designs. These are kind of miscellaneous in category, but all are generally good for personal web page borders.

The first border is one I used to use on a personal homepage a while ago, so I have a personal affinity for this one.

Flower Web Page Border  Designs

The next one has an African flavor, namely Namibian. A lot of beautiful designs can be found at

Namibian web page border design

The last one here was taken from There are a lot of great designs over there, so if you find this one interesting check out their site.

Interesting web page border

I hope you found today's little sampling of web page borders useful. Take care and see you again next time.